Fernando de Noronha: Explore This Protected Island


Few can say they’ve had the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Fernando de Noronha. Located just off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean, Fernando de Noronha consists of 21 islands protected by the Brazilian government. The island was named a marine national park in 1988 and only 420 tourists are allowed on the island at a time.

If you are one of the fortunate few to visit this treasure trove of natural beauty, you will be treated to a marvel of scenic vistas and bountiful aquatic life. The islands rugged landscape includes towering rock formations, rushing waterfalls and natural swimming pools. Tucked beneath jagged cliffs and caves lurk exquisite white sand beaches. The waters off Fernando de Noronha are filled with colorful fish, spinning dolphins, lobsters, turtles, sponges and corals, making it a favorite diving and snorkeling location.

One of the main reasons why this group of islands is so important to our ecosystem is that it is where the spinning dolphins come to mate, at the Baia dos Golfinhos. These gentle creatures are known to leap spinning into the air, and Fernando de Noronha is one of the few places in the world where there are actual dolphin-breeding colonies.

Fernando de Noronha is also the nesting grounds for the aruanã sea turtles. In November the turtles can be observed in groups on the water surface, when the adult males fight over the females, which marks the beginning of the reproduction period for this species. From December through May the females come to these beaches during the night to lay the eggs, which incubate for fifty days. Fernando de Noronha is one of the few places on earth that this ancient cycle of marine life can be observed.

For more information about the enchanting island of Fernando de Noronha you can visit their official website.

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