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Social Media and Technology Tips – The 1st Five

Social_Media_Tips | Visual-Anthology

One of the most important and least expensive aspects of marketing today is Social Media. Many businesses are focusing their efforts on Social Media, but are they taking advantage of everything the Internet has to offer? Here are some easy tips to creating a diversified approach to Social Media Marketing.   1. GET EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS […] Read more…

Pinterest World Order

Just Pin It

In case you haven’t heard, Pinterest is the latest site to create a buzz on the Internet, especially with women. With 73 million unique visitors, Pinterest is quickly becoming the newest social media website to take the country by storm. Over 80% of the visitors and 10 million registered users are female. According to the […] Read more…

New Technology Finds Way Around Internet Censorship


Professors at the University of Michigan have developed new software that can help many Internet users avoid the censors. As an assistant professor of computer science at the university, Alex Halderman, has had a hand in developing the new system,Telex.   Halderman, recently interviewed by Guy Raz of “All Things Considered” said, “right now, most […] Read more…