The Future of Photography is in the iPhone


Images taken and processed with an iPhone by Elizabeth Cook


The Internet is full of videos and tutorials on how to get the most out of your iPhone, but now according to the BBC, two London Colleges are offering classes in how to take photographs with your iPhone. The evening course offered by Kensington and Chelsea Colleges is going to not only focus on the functions of the iPhone camera and the wide variety of image-enhancing apps, but also on the basics of photography: composition, light, and color.

Colleges and Universities have always offered unique and sometimes quirky classes stemming from pop culture, such as University of Virginia’s “GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender and Identity” or CUNY Brooklyn’s “South Park and Political Correctness”, but one dedicated solely to using an application on a mobile device is a first.

Richard Gray, the teacher of the online iPhone photography course, “iPhoneography”, cites the reasoning behind offering this course is because of the iPhone’s huge impact on the culture of photography. Gray recently told the BBC, “the iPhone is revolutionizing photography. It allows you to take a photograph and then process it and post it online while you are on the bus on your way home.”

Many criticize the overuse of iPhone photography, complaining that the quality of the iPhone images can never match that of a traditional DSLR. The degraded quality of the iPhone image limits the photographer’s ability to capture and share that image through a variety of formats. However, many agree that it can be cumbersome to always have a DSLR and lighting equipment available. When it isn’t, the iPhone does come in handy.

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