Tilt Shift Photoshop Tutorial


In October I started sharing some PhotoShop techniques. I’m going to add to that with a tutorial on the Tilt Shift Technique.

Tilt shift lenses focus on a single part of the photo and shift, or blur, the surrounding area to create an optical illusion of miniaturized scenery. Real tilt shift lenses are quite expensive, but a similar effect can be achieved by using Adobe PhotoShop after you take the photo.

Tilt shift photographs create an optical illusion that makes scenes appear as if they are actually miniature models. The outer edges are blurred which tricks the eye into perceiving everything in the unblurred parts as miniature. It’s a fun post-processing trick – and it’s very easy to reproduce.

When taking the photo, a high angled shot is usually best for this type of technique. Cityscapes, crowds, streets, and similar things are perfect.

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